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Meet Ferrell Fellows

Author & Voice of Transformation

I am Founder and CEO of the Comma Club Community, a network and educational platform that empowers new & 1st generation property owners & investors with an emphasis on minorities & women. I am also Managing Broker & Developer of Kingdom Legacy Real Estate, a Dallas Based Real Estate Development firm, categorically representing less than 1% of the commercial real estate industry as a woman of color. I authored a real estate investors' manual, “We Must Own,“  as a tool to dismantle poverty in minority communities and disrupt the homogeneous real estate investment industry commanding diversity, equity, and accessibility for all.  Professionally I am designated as a MBA, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Investor, Developer, Consultant & Coach.


I specialize in land acquisitions and redevelopment of distressed and poorly managed properties, advocating for community development that protects and empowers residents. I am purposely pursing the end of homeless in South Dallas and in third-world regions through innovative and daring housing solutions. As a speaker, I use my voice to address systemic issues at the root of poverty and disparity,  to advocate for policy reformation, and to teach the power of Ownership. The solutions I've spearheaded in Dallas are a blueprint for global economic & social transformation.

I am a woman of faith, and my career pursuit is to make a difference in communities around the world by improving landscapes and environments through real estate, the arts, government, and business. Through my work I intend to leave an impact and mark history, creating a blueprint that can inspire others. Marriage and motherhood have been my highest achievements and my most important work and I highly value strong families. My intention is to build a multigenerational legacy. 

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Comma Club Community

Comma Club is an education platform for new real estate investors offering on demand real estate investment courses, an interactive community for networking, and resources to launch new real estate investors into multi-generational wealth building. All programs are digital and available nationwide. Comma Club offers a Beginner Courses & Advanced Coaching where novice investors learn the fundamentals needed to build residual income and increase their net worth. 

Kingdom Legacy Company

Kingdom Legacy is a minority owned, woman owned Real Estate Development Company that acquires, rehabs and leases distressed Single Family, Multi Family and Commercial properties in the South Dallas area. Our mission is to invest in properties, develop neighborhoods, and build affordable and safe places to live. Our Motto is Building a Community One Property at a Time!

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